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Core Responsibilities Factory SetUp in Rakez

Establish a Factory in Dubai

Manufacturing is a key driver of economic growth and expansion. Companies who choose to set up a manufacturing facility within the city have access to UAE’s advanced technology, skilled workforce, and advanced infrastructure.

Manufacturers get the best of both worlds — raw materials from Dubai’s ports, which provide access to supply chains in the rest of the world, and skilled workers from the UAE, who have a high level of education and migrant experience. The strong educational system includes technical and vocational schools, which offer a range of educational programs, including hands-on training.

The Benefits of Start-up Factory in Dubai

To understand why Dubai is an ideal location for manufacturing, it is important first to understand how Dubai’s economy works.While a factory can be any type of facility, it is usually referred to as a manufacturing facility when it produces goods in quantity. This can be a large-scale operation or a small-scale operation with a few employees.

1:Access to raw materials

2:Efficient logistics network

3:Skilled workforce

4:Cost-effective production